All this tindering is exhausting!


I have realised that it takes alot of time and energy to to continually engage with people on Tinder.  The only bonus is that you can do this in the comfort of your PJ’s on the couch whilst watching Masterchef.

I gave my bestie the joy of flicking through my Tinder this weekend (which she enjoyed a little too much) and I found myself a few more matches.

But the main news of the day was that I had my first date!  I met with a lovely fella to watch the Sydney Swans beat the Gold Coast Suns.  And the best bit?  We barely watched the game because we were talking too much.

Not too sure if there is a spark there but I think a little more investigating is required….just to make sure!  Lining up date number 2 as we speak.

Until then…..I will just keep riding the Tinder wave…in the comfort of my home…in my PJ’s….whilst watching Masterchef.  Argh, lovely!


I no longer have a date….


I no longer have a date….

The lovely father of two suggested we move the date by a week.  I can take a hint buddy.

So back to the drawing board.

The drawing board has included chatting to three charming men over the past 48 hours and there is one in particular who has taken my fancy.  I shall keep you posted in this regard but in the meantime, conversation with the other two has stilted somewhat.  After the initial niceties, where to from there??

I have a date!


After a little chit chat via the Tinder messaging function with a lovely father of two, I have secured my very first Tinder date!

I am excited and nervous all at the same time!  

No doubt I will have some exciting fodder post date on Sunday!

Mr Wandering Tongue


It is Monday night.  I have swiped right a couple of times but mostly left and finally come across a nice looking fella with kids in his profile picture.  Surely that means he isn’t some sort of creep….right?

Wrong.  After a few lines of hi’s and how are you’s, he gets straight down to business.

“I think you need a few kisses…..I have a wandering tongue you know”

Thanks Mr Wandering Tongue but its 9.30pm on a week night and I have no interest in investigating what a wandering tongue is or what it is capable of.  A little bit of advice to all the fellas out there….subtlety is an underrated skill and if you can at least attempt it, you might have some luck with the ladies.

It all started on the last Saturday in May…..


So after actively avoiding the dating revolution that is Tinder for the past 12 months, I was finally coerced into downloading the App on my phone by a number of my loved up and blissfully coupled friends.

With the App downloaded, I handed my phone to my friend Stephen who started making matches on my behalf and giving the big X to any unsuitable beaus.  This I found, was very fun.  Letting your mates do the choosing certainly took the pressure off however the downside was that they were choosing on their preferences.  You see, Stephen is a great musician and was therefore giving the big tick to anyone holding a guitar.  I on the other hand, am not attracted to the muso type as all I can think about is the lack of full time employment and the many nights I would have to spend traipsing around bars and clubs to ‘support’ said muso boyfriend.  No thanks.

With the phone safely back in my possession, I made a few matches of my own, received the  expected ‘Hi Cutie’ Tinder message at 12.03am Sunday morning, ignored it and put myself to bed. Tinder, Day 1, complete.